Posted by: Betsy Devany | October 6, 2010

Norman Meets Spike

Norman Meets Spike

Dear Friends,

I went with Betsy to a NJ SCBWI event this past weekend. Boy, do those writers talk and talk and talk. They also like to laugh a lot and eat.
The best part for me was meeting my new friend, Spike the Hedgehog.
Spike and I decided to explore the hotel when it got too noisy in the Presidential Suite. Plus, they did not have any bananas and I wanted one. We found where the food was but couldn’t figure out how to get to the first floor.
Exploring the hotel was lots of fun! I worked at the front desk, played the piano while Spike sang (he is really good!) and met some children.
Spike and I are going to be pen pals!
I wonder what his Halloween costume is going to be? I am still deciding what to wear for Halloween. Any suggestions?


  1. Dear Norman:

    What an adventure! I think you and Spike made some lovely music together. Your photos were great–that was some fancy conference! I think you should go as a Gorilla for Halloween. 🙂 Hope you get to attend another conference, or maybe get to attend a Highland Games Festival. I bet you would win in the tabor toss! Take care, and keep us posted. And thank you for being my friend’s traveling companion!


    • Dear Marie,
      I am glad you liked the pictures. I really liked the hotel. It was sooo big and they even had trees I could climb.

  2. I think you should go as a hedgehog and Spike as a gorilla! Give Betsy a big hug and congratulations from me for winning the story contest 🙂

    • I will tell Spike your suggestion. Thanks!!

  3. Dear Norman,
    I think you should be a bat or a pumpkin for halloween. You would look good as a pirate too.

    • Dear Lili,
      I asked Betsy to make me a bat costume, but Ava is being a bat and Betsy hasn’t made her costume yet. I like your pirate suggestion. I will go to the toy store today and look at their costumes.
      Your friend, Norman

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